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China factory Single Table Fiber Laser Cutting CNC Machinery for Metal Carbon Mild Steel Stainless Steel CHINAMFG Copper Alloy manufacturer

Product Description

Single Table Fiber Laser Cutting Cnc Machinery for Metal Carbon Mild Steel Stainless Steel CHINAMFG Copper Alloy

Product Description

1,Gantry double drive structure, smooth and reliable movement;
2,Independent research and development design, the manufacture of machine tool bed, special processing technology, high precision of machine tool, stable and reliable, long life;
3,Precision gear rack drive, with high precision gear reducer, high response and high precision servo motor;
4,The international first-class quality of fiber laser, industrial application for many years, long service life, maintenance free, stable and reliable;
5,High precision laser cutting head, imported optical lenses, is focused on the fine, the adjustment is convenient, cutting perfect;
6,A double closed-loop control capacitiver CHINAMFG height controller, low requirement to the steel plate, cutting quality is stable and reliable;
7,CNC system is simple and easy operation, low requirements for the operator;
8,Cutting graphic input multiple formats, powerful draw and edit graphics function;
10,Special cutting software, cutting technology experts, data call functions;
11,Automatic refueling system; 
12,Cutting gas pressure proportional valve to adjust automatically,not need manual adjustment;

Detailed Photos

Machine Body:

Machine Body (Plate welding with stiffener inside,not square pipe weld frame) 
      Square pipe welding frame table looks robust, but Pipe always has distortion along with time goes. That’s why top brand machines body all are plate welding design.
      Machines over 6 CHINAMFG are welded with 16mm and 20mm steel plates. We promise that our customers’ machine tools will not deform in 10 years, and the quality is the best advertisement.

Machine compents

Factory Photos:

Cutting Samples:

Our Projects

Product Parameters


Description Technical parameters
Max cutting size (mm) 3000×1500/4000×2000/6000×2000/
6000×2300/6000×2500 etc
The workpiece maximum height (mm) 100
Effective travel X axis(mm) 1550
Y axis (mm) 3050
Z axis (mm) 100
Cutting thickness Carbon steel(mm) 20mm(According laser power)
Stainless steel(mm) 10mm(According laser power)
Aluminum(mm) 10mm(According laser power)
Positional accuracy X axis (mm/m) ±0.03
Y axis (mm/m) ±0.03
Z axis (mm/m) ±0.01
repeated positioning accuracy X axis (mm) ±0.02
Y axis (mm) ±0.02
Z axis (mm) ±0.005
Rapid positioning speed X axis (m/min) 80
Y axis (m/min) 80
Z axis (m/min) 48
Accelerated speed (G) 1.0
Max Cutting Speed (m/min) 80
Work table bearing(kg) 2000kg
Power consumption 10kw/h
Machine weight (Ton) 4.5T
Size L*W*H(mm) 4480×2340×1446mm

Packaging & Shipping



1.Why your machine price is higher, we have much cheaper offer from HangZhou factories?
Our machine feature is robust table design like Europen brand machine with complete plate-welded structure, and heaviest in China. 
You will check it out by real shipping weight! 
We always try to make high level machines that few factories can copy, because we have experienced engineers which are limited source in this field. 
So if you don’t have much cutting work, our machine is not cost-effective to you. 

2. Can you produce the machine faster ? 
As we need the machine urgently, High level machine is not simply assemble parts together and deliver it to customer. We don’t do fast production. Long-termmachine stability depends on strict quality control. Inspection and testing work needs enough time if you wish to get long-time stable work machine. 
We mainly rely on old customers recommend our machines to others to expand business. The machines we produced are best advertisement for us. 

3. Why not offer 3 years warranty as HangZhou factory? 
Warranty service costs money if the supplier really do free service. We don’t understand how can a company offer cheaper price and longer warranty at same time, unless the supplier just talk about it and play words game. because international parts delivery,air ticket…. not cheap at all, we do spend much money on service after sales, we seriously do as we said, you can check it with any of our old customer. 
Without additional charge, we can not fulfil the responsibility of additional warranty. 

4. How to choose laser power? 
We suggest to choose laser power according to your main cutting thickness, no need to choose a bigger power for a max cutting thickness less than 10% of total work. As far as we see,customer’s business always grows after using laser cutting machine, and need second or third machine along with business expand.
You don’t need to make a big investment from the start. 
High quality cutting is different from max thickness cutting, you need to consider quality request,too.

Other laser cutting machines ,please click:

After-sales Service: Engineers Available to Service Machinery Overseas.
Warranty: 24months for Free
Application: Home Appliance, Environmental Equipment, Petroleum Machinery Manufacturing, Agriculture Machinery, Textile Machinery, Food Machinery, Aerospace Industry, Automotive Industry, Advertising Industry
US$ 39999/Piece
1 Piece(Min.Order)


Order Sample



.shipping-cost-tm .tm-status-off{background: none;padding:0;color: #1470cc}

Shipping Cost:

Estimated freight per unit.

about shipping cost and estimated delivery time.
Payment Method:


Initial Payment

Full Payment
Currency: US$
Return&refunds: You can apply for a refund up to 30 days after receipt of the products.

oudoor furniture

Are there any budget-friendly options for aluminum table tops for DIY projects?

Yes, there are budget-friendly options for aluminum table tops that you can consider for your DIY projects. Here are some options:

1. Aluminum Sheet Metal:

One budget-friendly option is to purchase aluminum sheet metal from a local hardware store or online supplier. Aluminum sheet metal comes in various thicknesses and sizes, allowing you to choose the dimensions that fit your DIY project. You can cut and shape the sheet metal to create a custom-sized table top. While this option requires some DIY skills and tools, it provides flexibility and affordability for those on a budget.

2. Aluminum Composite Panels:

Aluminum composite panels consist of a thin aluminum sheet bonded to a lightweight core material, typically made of polyethylene. These panels are commonly used in construction and signage applications, but they can also be repurposed for DIY table tops. Aluminum composite panels are relatively affordable and come in different sizes and finishes. They are lightweight, easy to work with, and can be cut to the desired dimensions.

3. Repurposed Aluminum Materials:

Consider repurposing aluminum materials from other sources to create a budget-friendly table top. For example, you could salvage aluminum sheets or panels from old furniture, signs, or discarded materials. With some cleaning, cutting, and refinishing, you can transform these repurposed aluminum materials into a unique and cost-effective table top for your DIY project.

4. Secondhand or Discounted Aluminum Table Tops:

Check local classified ads, online marketplaces, or thrift stores for secondhand or discounted aluminum table tops. People often sell or donate used furniture, including table tops, at lower prices. While you may need to invest some time and effort in finding the right option, purchasing a pre-made aluminum table top at a discounted price can be a budget-friendly solution for your DIY project.

5. DIY Aluminum Casting:

If you have experience or interest in metal casting, you can consider DIY aluminum casting to create your own custom table top. This option requires more advanced skills and equipment, but it allows you to have full control over the design and dimensions of the table top. You can find resources and tutorials online that provide guidance on DIY aluminum casting techniques.

When pursuing budget-friendly options for aluminum table tops, it’s important to consider the quality and durability of the materials. Ensure that the chosen option can withstand the intended use and provide the desired longevity. Additionally, take necessary safety precautions when working with metal materials and follow appropriate DIY guidelines.

By exploring these budget-friendly options, you can find an aluminum table top solution that fits your DIY project while keeping costs under control.

oudoor furniture

Can I get advice on choosing the right color and texture for an aluminum table top?

Choosing the right color and texture for an aluminum table top is an important decision that can significantly impact the overall look and feel of your space. Here are some considerations and advice to help you make the right choice:

1. Style and Aesthetic:

Consider the style and aesthetic of your room or space. Determine whether you want a modern, contemporary, industrial, minimalist, or traditional look. The color and texture of the aluminum table top should align with the overall design theme and complement the existing decor elements.

2. Color Coordination:

Take into account the color scheme of the room. Decide whether you want the aluminum table top to blend in seamlessly with the surroundings or make a bold statement as a focal point. Consider the colors of the walls, flooring, furniture, and other elements in the room to ensure a harmonious and cohesive look.

3. Lighting:

Take note of the lighting conditions in the room. Natural light and artificial lighting can affect how colors appear. Consider how the color and texture of the aluminum table top will interact with different lighting sources. It’s a good idea to view samples or swatches in the actual space to assess how they look under various lighting conditions.

4. Maintenance and Durability:

Consider the practicality of the chosen color and texture. Some finishes may require more maintenance and upkeep than others. Determine whether the table top will be exposed to high traffic, spills, or outdoor elements. Choose a color and texture that can withstand regular use and is easy to clean and maintain.

5. Visual Impact:

Think about the visual impact you want to achieve. Different colors and textures can evoke different moods and feelings. A polished and reflective finish can create a sleek and elegant look, while a brushed or textured finish can add visual interest and a more tactile appeal. Consider the overall atmosphere you want to create and choose a color and texture that enhances that ambiance.

6. Samples and Swatches:

Whenever possible, obtain samples or swatches of different color and texture options. This will allow you to see and feel the actual materials and assess how they look in your space. Hold the samples against the existing decor elements, observe them in different lighting conditions, and consider how they contribute to the overall aesthetic.

7. Personal Preference:

Ultimately, trust your personal taste and preference. Choose a color and texture that resonates with you and reflects your individual style. After all, you’ll be the one enjoying the table top on a daily basis, so it’s important that you feel a connection with the chosen color and texture.

By considering these factors and taking your time to explore different options, you can choose the right color and texture for an aluminum table top that enhances your space and creates the desired ambiance.

oudoor furniture

Where can I buy replacement aluminum table tops for my existing furniture?

If you are looking to buy replacement aluminum table tops for your existing furniture, there are several options available. Here are some places where you can find replacement table tops:

1. Furniture Retailers:

Visit local furniture retailers or home improvement stores that specialize in outdoor furniture. They often carry a variety of replacement table tops, including aluminum options. You can explore their selection and inquire about the availability of specific sizes and finishes that match your existing furniture.

2. Online Furniture Retailers:

Online furniture retailers offer a wide range of replacement table tops for various furniture types, including aluminum table tops. Websites such as Amazon, Wayfair, and Overstock have extensive selections of replacement tops in different sizes, shapes, and finishes. You can search for specific criteria, read customer reviews, and compare prices to find the best option for your needs.

3. Specialty Outdoor Furniture Retailers:

Specialty outdoor furniture retailers often carry replacement parts and accessories for outdoor furniture, including aluminum table tops. These retailers focus specifically on outdoor and patio furniture, so they may have a wider range of options available compared to general furniture stores. Check their inventory online or visit their physical stores to see if they have suitable replacement table tops.

4. Custom Metal Fabricators:

If you have specific requirements or unique dimensions for your replacement table tops, consider reaching out to local custom metal fabricators or metalworking shops. They can create custom aluminum table tops based on your specifications, ensuring a perfect fit for your existing furniture. Custom fabricators can also offer additional finishes and design options to meet your preferences.

5. Manufacturer or Supplier:

If you know the brand or manufacturer of your existing furniture, contact them directly to inquire about replacement parts. Many manufacturers offer replacement parts, including table tops, for their furniture lines. Provide them with the necessary details, such as the model number or specific measurements, to help them identify the appropriate replacement table top for your furniture.

Prior to purchasing a replacement aluminum table top, it’s important to measure your existing furniture accurately to ensure a proper fit. Take note of the shape, dimensions, and any specific design features that need to be matched. Additionally, consider factors like shipping options, warranties, and return policies when making your purchase decision.

By exploring these options, you should be able to find suitable replacement aluminum table tops that match your existing furniture and help restore its functionality and aesthetic appeal.

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